44 Thoughts is a lifestyle blog about things I enjoy and am passionate about; books, beauty, and food – to name a few. It features book reviews, recipes, blurbs about parenting, health topics and some printables. 

My name is Carol Gallmeyer and I created 44Thoughts.com in November of 2019. I’m the mother to one {amazing} boy living in a modest 1950s split-style home in Topeka, Kansas.

Originally this space began as a gallery of my nail art but I wanted to share more; snippets of my life, helpful information I’ve learned, fantastic books I’ve read, tried and true recipes – and more. So, this space has morphed into something much different than it began as, and we’ll see where it goes.

I’m a busy lady (small business owner, mom & wife, and homemaker to name a few) and I have many interests. I prefer to keep myself occupied and am always working on some kind of project, whether for me, my family, or a client. Hence the name “44 Thoughts” …running through my mind all the time. 

I love reading, painting my nails, organizing, sleeping, cooking, spending time with my family and messing around on my computer. I hate sports, the cold, scrubbing the bathtub, and driving in big cities.