Live Simply. Dream BIG. Be Grateful, Give Love. Laugh Lots.

When I started this space, it was nothing more than a gallery of nail art. (One of many pastimes I enjoy.) As life morphed and changed, as life does, I found less and less time for that hobby but a growing desire to share more and different things.

Sometimes it feels as if I have a hundred different interests and responsibilities all pulling at me at once. Family & Friends. Business projects. Etsy Shop. Books to read. Meal plans to construct. People to feed. Pets to love. Bathrooms to clean – the list goes on and on. I’m always thinking about something. Hence the name 44 Thoughts… running through my mind.

I’m not sure where this space will lead me but my vision is to share about the things I love most and a few snippets of my life here. I’m starting small and will grow over time. I hope you can find some inspiration while you’re here.